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    Runner the Rhino
    By BuzyBee

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    I did a similar project for summer school where I sent a paper dog named "Hero" out to find out about people's heroes. So, I just adapted it to fit my theme this year.

    We have a beanie baby rhino, but he will never leave our class. I got him to pin up on the bulletin board over our map that will read "A Rhino on the Run!"

    I have taken a 3-ring binder and dedicated it to the project. I printed out calendars for every month of the school year and placed them inside. As I collect addresses and people request to host Runner for their special occassions or for a good fit into their curriculum, I am writing their mailing address or e-mail on a sticky note and placing it on that month. This way, when the time comes, I can have a student in my class take the sticky and make out an envelope for Runner.

    I found some cute clip-art of a rhino that is just a coloring book outline. So, basically, he's blank. I am going to have my students cut him out and the paper version of Runner is what we will mail. It's cheaper on postage. We'll send a new one each time and this way, the recipients can sign him, decorate him, draw clothes on him to represent their state sports teams, stamp him, color him, whatever. I am going to include that and a greeting letter explaining how to get him back to us.

    Also, I am offering people the chance to receive Runner by e-mail. I have the clip-art as an adobe acrobat file so that anyone, anywhere can print him out. I am eventually planning to place the file on my site in hopes that kids will run across him, print him out, and mail him to us.

    Lastly, as we recieve the rhinos back in the mail, I am going to start hanging them around our bulletin board and have students place a pin on the map where he has visited.

    I'll also open the project to students to mail to friends and relatives they know from around the world.

    If the project goes as well as the Hero dog project did, we'll recieve pictures, postcards, letters, and learn TONS about geography. I'm going to intermingle the curriculum wherever I can and send him to places that we talk about. I decided to use a paper version of the animal because I know how fun the Flat Stanley project is, and if a photo-copied Rhino gets lost it's not as bad as losing a beloved classroom beanie baby.

    I'm excited to begin, and I hope this rambling makes some sort of sense.

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