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    Family Fun
    By BuzyBee

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    You could turn your room into a house-like setting....

    Reading Corner: Put an old cushy chair, a couch if you have room, some pillows, and make a tv out of a cardboard box. On the screen of the TV put a couple of book covers to showcase some interesting books. Or, you could just leave the front cut out and put a basket inside with books in it. Make it look like a miniature family room.

    Jobs Board: "Cooking up Classroom Helpers!" Make a little black skillet with the job name and give every student a white blob of paper with a yellow square. Put their name on it and they can rotate the eggs each week to switch jobs.

    Bulletin Board: "Guess Who's in Our Family?" Have each child bring in a photo of themself as a baby and put a number by each photo. Kids can take turns guessing who's who.

    Bulletin Board: "All Kinds of Families!" Use an old calendar with baby animals and their moms and cut the pictures to put all around. Students could add pictures of their own families if they want.

    Border: Make paper dolls and line the top of your chalkboard with them so they are holding hands. Write a different character development word on each one. Put a banner that says "Helping Hands with Good Character!"

    For your family tree, you could take pictures of your students and cut the photos in the shapes of leaves.

    Traveling Pet Project: Instead of using Flat Stanley, make some paper dolls and put them inside a little car. Have them "travel" the U.S. by mail and bring back information. Your students can create the family, name them, and design what they look like. You can then photocopy them, have the kids cut them out and they're read to mail out!

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