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    maybe you could try...
    By jl

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    Perhaps you could design an art lesson based upon symmetry or using pattern pieces to create some sort of mosaic design. I would think fifth and sixth graders would enjoy something like this as it relates to the geometry aspects of the math curriculum. Or you could try making paper and tie it into the science/conservation/ecology curriculum. Depending upon the amount of time you have to do the demo, however, you would need to keep it somewhat brief--I would expect that are looking for you to have an introductory set, some modeling of what you want to happen, then guide the students through the steps and ultimately end up with a finished product BEFORE the observers leave the room. They may even want to see how you handle wrapping things up, cleaning up, etc. To make things flow more efficiently and to save time, prepare as much as you can ahead of time--assign jobs to students: pass out materials, collect things, etc. Maybe begin your lesson by having each student write their name on an index card. Have them leave it at their place so when you call on students, you can use their name. Good luck. I am sure your lesson will be fine. I would expect that they are more interested in how you incorporate art into the curriculum and how well you manage the group as opposed to what the final piece looks like, so focus more upon lesson delivery and management when you do your demo. I am sure you will be fine!

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