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    The East
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Since you'd be relocating to Canada I'd check with each of the provinces that you like and see what their requirements are.

    From what I've heard on other boards, Ontario is facing hard times right now. Perhaps in the Northern areas there are still positions, but in the major centers there are not many positions to be found. Since you are secondary you may have a better chance than an elementary teacher.

    Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also do not seem to have shortages and I know a number of teachers in my district in Alberta recently arrived from those two provinces as well as Newfoundland.

    Other factors to consider....

    - taxes (I know for Canadian's working out of Canada you have to be a non-resident for at least 2 years or it might even be 3 years) otherwise you pay taxes not only where you are working but again when you return to Canada. I'm not sure if it's the same for U.S. citizens.

    - moving costs, cost of living, medical insurance, etc.,

    My brother moved from Canada to the States and he had to have a job in place before he could apply for the visa. Then he had lots of forms and paperwork before he could even cross the border with his belongings.

    Hope this helps

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