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    buy plants!
    By Sari

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    I would suggest that you buy some plants. It really improves the atmosphere of a classroom to have living plants. I am terrible with plants, but I have had great success with philodendrons (you can keep cutting the tendrils and replanting them) and china dolls (can't be separated like philos, but grow into small trees). If you assign classrooms tasks, watering and caring for the plants could be one of them. Students can take them home over holidays if they want to. I was amazed at what a difference it made to have plants in my room. (OK, one year I had a student who ate them , but he was an anomoly.)

    If you bought several philodendrons at the beginning of the year and then separated each one a few times during the year, you would probably have enough plants by the end of the year to give one to each student. (How's that for a long sentence!) Would this count as "consumable"?

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