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    I think others may have misread the one post
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I'm thinking that the poster who hung up the phone was just saying that she had just finished taking a call from another Principal (in other words after the call she hung up the phone). I've heard that phrase quite often and it doesn't mean to literally hang up the phone on someone.

    Now back to the subject at hand. If your district is looking for teachers then you definitely have a chance to get back on. Some Principals prefer those who are a bit older over those who have just graduated. Because you mentioned you don't have a ton of experience you'd also be lower on the pay scale.

    Also watch for those short term positions that come up as that is often when a Principal will give someone a chance as they are usually harder to fill. Then you'd have your foot in the door and perhaps be able to move back into full time the following year.

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