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    By Gary

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    What grade are you working with? I just finished my first year at 9th grade science. Earthquakes and volcanos are a lot of fun. For earthquakes, you can use a slinky to model the different types of earthquake waves. I use the example of a fast person racing a slow person to show how the different waves arrive at different times, and you can use this information to determine where the earthquake began. I also explored the length of time a earthquake lasts. I asked them if they thought 45 seconds was a long amount of time. And I wrote their results on the board. Then I had them talk to each other for 45 seconds, and stoped them and asked them again. Most said it was pretty short. Then, I had them jump up and down for 45 seconds, while yelling, and I flicked the lights on and off and generally shook things up. They all thought 45 seconds was pretty long after that. With volcano's, I had them read two chapters of a book about people who were visiting the sumit of a volcano when it erupted. I also had them discuss the challenges of predicting an earthquake and recommending evacuations. Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any of these.

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