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    By Laura

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    I will be a first year 4th grade next year and I spent about a week organizing my library. I have accumulated well over 500 books for my classroom library. My school does AR, but I am not so lucky to have the library buy those cute AR stickers.

    So, what I did was go to my local Family Dollar store and they sell incentive stickers. From the front, they look like larger stickers but inside each pack are a ton of small incentive stickers. I think there are 500 stickers for $1. Then I broke up the levels into ranges, say 4.0-4.5 would be a purple star. Then I just went through each book and labeled them on the bottom of the spine. I also bought clear address label and put these over the small sticker. This way (hopefully) they will never come off.

    THen I wrote the title of each book on an index card (pretty large). I also wrote the books author and the AR level and points for the test. I alphabetized all the cards and put them in index card boxes. I will use library card holders on a piece of poster board to keep track of my books. When a students takes a book, they must remove the card from the box and put it into their corresponding #ed slot. Each student is assigned a # at the beginning of the year.

    When I shelve the books, I am going to try and group them by levels I think. My students take the STAR test, so they will know at the beginning where they can start choosing books from. I am also going to group sets of books like the Fudge books, Bailey Street Kids, Boxcar Children, BSC, etc. Like Sandy H said, I am also going to put my non-AR books on a seperate shelf.

    I hope all of this made sense. Like I said, this will be my first year, but I feel really confident that my library system will work well!
    Email if you need to know specifics.


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