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    By Susan

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    I'm self-contained 5th grade, also. I tried to go through the text book last year, and I ended up not teaching everything. I redid my lessons over the summer and now I have them by "themes" each month. They go chronologically, for the reasons others have mentioned, but I put all my project ideas, page numbers in the textbooks, etc... under each theme - to make sure I could find the information easily. I also crossed with any other subjects that I could. For example, in Oct. when I teach the Revolutionary War, I'll have them do a time line, role play, dramatize the tea party, show School House Rock video, do a preamble activity, read Winter of the Red Snow book, My Brother Sam is Dead novel, and "Voices of the Revolution" in the reading book, use a venn to compare patriots to loyalists, use hat cut-outs to create a bulletin board display, write a story about life as a child then, etc... I think having it more organized this way, will help me not spend months on one area (like we did with Native Americans last year!).

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