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    maybe, maybe not
    By Chicago Teacher

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    Hello, On the bright side, at least you get to concentrate on one basic type of accomodation (though with the range that SPED incompasses, it will still be difficult). Is there a chance you will be getting an assistant to help with those students or do you have a special education resource teacher? It seems like it would simplify things for many people involved. Now, does simplification justify what you as being "not in the best interest" of the students? I guess it depends partially on your feelings about inclusion. My advice, though, assuming that this will go through as your principal has invisioned it, is to try to find the positives for those children, the other children, and your class as a whole.

    Personally, I think a diverse classroom would probably be more beneficial for all involved, but then you could easily have G&T parents complaining because their kids aren't challenged, SPED/ESL parents complaining that their child isn't getting what they need or is having too much trouble, and the other parents complaining that their child isn't receiving enough attention...=)

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