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    Using 4 Blocks anyway
    By Chicago Teacher

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    Just wanted to tell you - unless your school makes you plan together with those teachers, you can still utilize your school's books/series with 4-Blocks. Our school has relatively new reading books (and no money to buy anything new), so I used those and then also used my class library occasionally. I had a lot of freedom as far as curriculum so I talked to my principal about not using the related workbooks and she said that was fine as long as I maintained some records of improvement (portfolios of student work). I may have said, I used both the 1st and 2nd grade books with both grades - the 1st graders liked when I set up the challenge of the harder book, and the 2nd graders liked to revisit their favorite stories from the year before. Either way, if you don't feel you can fully incorporate 4-Blocks, I would still suggest reading "Guided Reading the 4-Blocks Way" for ideas and maybe even the general book about 4 Blocks (I don't have it here but I think it's called "Teacher's Guide to the 4-Blocks" or something). I'm sure you'll find some ideas you'll love. (In the Guided Reading book there are lots of ideas for post-reading activities and even ways for the class to read for different purposes.) Good luck! I'm glad I could help.

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