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    About 2nd graders
    By sj

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    I had 2 new coworkers who moved down to 2nd last year and this pretty much what they said they learned about 2nd graders:
    1. You can't just say "Get your stuff" have to name each part of the stuff
    2. You have to do a lot of hugging
    3. They're still easy to scare, so you can't be as tough as you used to be
    4. They can't handle more than a couple of items at a time...the binders full of supplies, markers, pen, pencils, spirals...too much! Paper, pencil, glue, scissors..that's about the limit!
    5. When they ask to go to the restroom in the middle of the lesson, it's usually a good idea to let them go.
    6. Santa is still real, and so is the Tooth Fairy to some of don't blow it!
    7. If you want the new pencil to last more than two days, you'd better sharpen it for them.
    8. There's always one on the first day of school who will cry.
    9. They still love stamps and stickers and think it's cool to do the yucky jobs for the teacher (like cleaning the chalkboard)
    10. The still play mama's going to know exactly what you sound like!

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