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    By sandyH

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    I'm sorry, I guess by telling you my plan, I thought that was addressing your questions. Only you know if you really should make changes to your program. Do you feel that your students are making the required progress they should in spelling? (In other words 19 of 20 who turn in assignments faithfully are getting A's. Do you honestly feel that they are exceptional spellers? If not, perhaps some changes in your program is in order.) You could do the spelling activities without pretest/post test, but I often find that I need this to get my students to really focus on the skills they need to learn. I would definitely make sure that in addition to the worksheets and activities they are doing, that they get some spelling instruction as well.
    Hopefully, I have addressed your questions this time. If not, I've done what I can. Again, only you can make the call about if your program meets your students' needs.

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