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    spelling ?s
    By sandyH

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    I agree that they are more motivated when they are working on high interest words. Unfortunately, many of my students need to get the basic spelling patterns down still, so I have to strike a balance. Here's what I do...
    1) I use an old 4th grade spelling text we have and select 15 words that follow a pattern (vcv, double consonants, suffixes, etc.)
    2) Off of the high frequency word list each grade level has been assigned (from most frequently missed words in writing-Rebecca Sitton program-each elem. grade level is responsible for certain words)I select 5 high frequency words.
    3) I add 4 "challenge words" that come from units of study, content areas, seasonal words, words that I see a lot of kids misspelling...etc.
    They have a monday pretest & assignment; Tuesday-brief lesson & activity/game & assignment; Wed.-assignment; Friday-test.

    Any of my students who earn 100% on the pretest (some of my students do this consistently, so I don't make them pretest anymore)choose 10 of their own "bonus" words to work on for the week. They must complete 3 assignments from a spelling contract, and they take a test over their own words on Friday.

    This setup really works well for me. Let me know if you have more questions.

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