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    By sj

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    DIBEL is a reading assessment that is a free downloadable from I think you'll find it if you use DIBEL as keyword. It can be used as both a screening and progress monitoring tool for phonemic awareness, phonics, and some fluency.
    Another free downloadable is Abecedarian, I think from It can be used to assess early phonemic awareness and phonics skills--both screening and progress monitoring. Although probably better suited to K-1, it would certainly point out which students are behind.

    Both of the above are one-on-one 10-20 minute tests.

    A group-administered test that can be used as a progress monitoring tool is the Morrison-McCall Spelling scale (probably available other places, but I know from and it is very inexpensive)this test will render a GE based on the number of words spelled correctly that is amazingly accurate. It also provides you with a wealth of information when you observe the miscues. There are 8 forms, so the test can be given about once every 6 weeks to monitor progress.

    Either the Slosson Oral Reading Survey or the JOST (Jordan Oral ??) are good word-call tests that are individually administeredm, but take only about 10 min., especially if you put the words on a timed powerpoint. I'm not sure where these are available, as what we use was on campus when I arrived. The two tests render almost identical results, but the JOST is 1/2 as long.

    Of course, there's the standby writing sample, and you might want to do two types during the first week, one narrative and one informative to see if they are able to differentiate between the two.

    Having students demonstrate counting in several ways can be quite revealing for math skills. I would ask them to write to 100 by 1, 5, 10, and then by 2's on the even and 2's on the odd. 2's on the odd will usually be the most difficult and give you a clue about abilities.

    I hope these are what you meant...?

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