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    year begins
    By CLF

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    I do a variety of things at 3rd grade (8 years old). At this age they are not comfortable talking about themselves to the whole class. So I give them a list of questions to interview a friend (or brainstorm a list of questions with them about family, pets, hobbies, favorite foods, travels, etc.)Then I have them share ONE interesting thing they learned about their friend aloud to the class. They seem comfortable with that. Also, I make up a worksheet with 10-12 items called "Someone who.." and we all move about the room filling in the blanks as we talk to each other. Such as: Find someone who...has a dog, read a book this summer, took swim lessons, etc. To mix it up more they cannot write their own name and can write other names only once! Anyone in the room at the time participates and it is lots of busy fun. If they were really listening during the previous interview they may already have some clues! The game ends when most are finished or you run out of time. It helps to have a large class list of names posted in the room somewhere for spelling. I find I refer it all year. (Whose name has a long vowel? Does anyone's name have 3 syllables?) They like the personal connection. Have fun !

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