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    By Bubble Burster

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    Just curious...this is a serious question by the way...What do you want to see on the Busy Board? If we don't post theme questions, what should we post here? I understand your point, but I have to give mine. Do you notice that we have a Social Studies question on the Busy Board? That belongs on the Social Studies board. Lots of people come to the Busy Board because it is just that...busy with people reading the posts. Some people don't venture past the Busy Board and the Primary or Grade 4 and up boards. Those are the major boards with the most hits.

    I personally am sick of seeing the postcard exchange posts; but I know, as always, it will fizzle once school starts back. I don't want a special board for it.

    Anyway, I know I am stirring up trouble here, but that's half the fun of anonymity! (That was humor for those who just look to fight on this board!)

    For the love of teaching...

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