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    more tips and tricks
    By Linda Davenport

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    Hey all- I did Homeworkopoly this year- It worked great and ran smoothly for the most part. I used clothespins for the markers with their names on them. I also had 2 students each week in charge of homework. It was thier job each morning to go through the assignments and check off each studnet who had theirs. If there were 3 assignments and 3 checks you got to play- only 2 checks? Sorry about your luck- I did it everyday- and students played during my literacy centers. I didn't have a problem with cheating because (I think)
    1- I had 2 students in charge
    2- Those 2 students knew that if I found out they were allowing others to cheat (didn't have homework from them when I went to grade- or people landing on the good spaces too often) the homework people (both of them regardless) would be in BIG trouble.
    I didn't have a problem all year- well- for awhile it did seem like MANY kids were getting lunch with teacher cards- but then I just put all the cards in a baggie and kids had to shake and draw each time. I previously just had them sitting in a pile!
    Hope this helps!
    Sorry so long!


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