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    Parent night
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Talk to the other 3 teachers and perhaps plan for a get-to-know you night, program over-view for later in the week. You could make up a nice invitation that your EA could hand out on the registration days.

    Make sure you mention "refreshments and door prizes" as those are often good ways to bring parents into the school.

    Then you could tell the parents about how the classrooms will be organized this year, what reading recovery is and the importance of follow-up at home. Make reading recovery sound like a tremendous priviledge that could be lost if the home participation is not done. We have exited students ourselves in our program when the parents haven't been doing the work at home to put in another student to give them a chance. It's amazing how if you do that to one or two kids, the rest seem to really take notice and do their part.

    Has your school ever tried Agendas - I wasn't sure about them myself but we used them last year and I loved it.
    Each Monday I had my kids write in the 6 sight words we were learning that week. I also typed up a message on labels to stick in each Monday with notes for the week.
    Parents were supposed to initial each day and I used a check mark stamp to show I looked as well.
    All notes were written in the Agenda or put into a sleeve in the front.

    I found it really helped with overall communication with my parents.

    Other suggestions

    - have attendance draws each week - students who attend at least 3 out of 5 days have their names entered into the draw. Later in the year it can be every 4 out of 5 days. Each class has one winner or two.

    Reserve schools can be difficult to motivate and get involvement in, but it can be done. Hopefully your new Principal has some ideas as well.

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