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    Pig Fun
    By BuzyBee

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    Pigs are so cute. What a great and different idea! Okay, hmmmm.....

    Reading board: Make stacks of pigs. Title it "Pile O' Pigs!" For each ten books, they earn a pig. Stand them on the other pigs back. Then they could see who has the highest pig tower.

    Good Work: "Ms. /Mr. ___ is HOGGING all the good work!"

    Behavior Managment: Make a big pond where all the "piglets" are. If they get a warning, they move their pig to the edge of the pond. If they get in trouble again, they move their pig out of the pond. The final time, they send their pig to the barn.

    Helper Board: Make little corn on the cobs for the job names and give each student a little pig with their name to rotate. "Jobs on the Cobs" came to mind first, but really just made me laugh... how about "

    Year-Long Project: With everyone doing Flat Stanley now, I am going to create a rhinoceros called "Runner the Rhino" who is going to run all over the U.S. via mail and e-mail to teach the kids about geography. How about the same project for you only call him "Rooter-The Pig on the Run" because pigs root around so much. He could root around the U.S. finding out info. Put up a map in your classroom and pin tiny paper pigs where Rooter has gone.

    Welcome board: This is kinda crazy, but what about "Lots of Pig-caso" (like Picasso) Give every student a blank pig to decorate with the design of their choice. It might be fun to see what they come up with. They can sign their name below their pig.

    Nametags: Use clipart and put a big pig with the students names.

    Hope this helps! On a humorous note, I could never use this theme, as when I was 5 years old, I was looking at some newborn piglets on my grandpa's farm and I slipped and fell into the pig pond. Talk about bad memories of pigs. That's pretty much why I steered clear of creating a reading corner with a fence and a pond theme. Funny the memories creating themes bring back. Well, at least you know I have first-hand knowledge of pigs.

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