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    Sports Theme Ideas
    By Crystal

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    I teach fifth grade. I have used a sports theme for the past two years now, and love it. I try to focus on teamwork, so the theme fits in very well.

    Beginning of the year board: I give each student a soccer ball piece of paper and they have to write a few goals that they hope to achieve in fifth grade. Then on a green bulletin board, I staple a net to look like a goal and put their soccer balls on there. I title in Aiming for our Fifth grade goals.

    I have two sayings in my room: Teamwork Works and There is No I in team. I have a pencil on each of their desks the first day, that says Teamwork Works.

    On the Door, I put Welcome to Mrs. R's Team.

    Jobs-Special Teams, I put each child's name on a foot ball, and the name of the class job is on a goal post.

    Reading Corner is called Reading Arena, each reading group gets to vote on a sports team name, ex: Yankees, Bulls, Blackhawks.

    Reading Centers are called Reading Dugouts.

    Have a ball on your birthday- I write their birthdays on various sports balls.

    Spelling- I created a baseball diamond and named it Homerun spelling. If students earned a 100% on their test they have a baseball on the Home Plate, 1 wrong - 1st base, 2 wrong- 2nd place, etc. Then when a child earns 15 homeruns, they earn a baseball pen. Works great.

    Behavior Management- I call it Swoosh. Similar to the other poster, but I keep a little scoreboard looking grid. When the class makes a basket they receive two tallies, when the teacher earns a basket I receive two tallies. If the students have the most tallies at the end of the week, they earned a Fun Friday Recess. If the teacher has the most tallies at the end of the week, they don't earn a Fun Friday Recess. I usually have a perfectly behaved class on Fridays :-).

    I know I am missing somethings, but if I remember, I'll post again.

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