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    Giddy Up! Fun
    By BuzyBee

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    Western Theme

    Welcome Board: "Giddy up for a new school year!" "Round up for a new school year!" "Look who Ms.___'s roped in for new school year"

    Jobs: "Hats off to classroom helpers!" Each students name is on a tiny paper cowboy hat. Rotate them around to different jobs.

    Good Work Board: "Blue Ribbon Work" Put a cowprint background and a giant blue ribbon OR "Kickin It up for Good Work!" with little boots around the border.

    Decorations: Drape bandanas around the top of a board or tie together to hang over the tops of a window.

    Student name tags: Use Print Shop or other program to put students' names on horses, cowboy boots, hats,etc.

    Reading Corner: Toss in some cowprint beanbags and maybe an old saddle on a post (maybe you could find one that's not in use??) and put up a sign that says "READING RODEO" or "READING ROUND'UP!"

    Halls/Door: You could decorate the hallways like stables. Put bales of hay (yellow paper with brown scribbles) all throughout, hang some rope lassos around, Cover the bottom half of your door with brown paper made to look like a barn door and put a giant horsehead on top. Put a sign that says "Ms.___'s Corral"

    Award Coupons: Call them 'Golden Horseshoes'(create a coupon by putting clip art of a horseshoe and running copies of it on yellow paper) students could use thes coupons for various priveleges.

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