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    By JR

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    I used to have trouble with pencils but this year worked great for me. I sharpen all pencils. Each cluster of desk have 10-12 pencils in a cup on a desk. There are 2 trade off cups one on each side of the room which they may trade with if all their pencils are broken. During the day when they are independently working if I notice a cup with pencils broken I will sharpen them Points up erasers down means that these need to be sharpened. At the end of the day a helper will ask for all pencils to be turned in and they collect the cups and put them by the pencil sharpener. I sharpen them before I leave in the afternoon or as soon as I get in in the morning. My helper picks up the cups when they come into the room and puts them on the desk clusters. I have an excellent electric pencil sharpener that will sharpen 60 pencils in a flash without overheating. The students may sharpen their colored pencils in the regular pencil sharpener but only as needed. This worked quite well for me this year.

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