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    By Shari

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    After years of struggling with the pencil problems, I finally ran across this idea from someone. I made a class rule that the students had to sharpen 2 pencils every morning for part of their morning routine. I then let them keep those pencils in their desks. They were no longer allowed to use the sharpener during the day unless given permission. I also encouraged each student to get their own little sharpener with a holder for the peelings, to keep in their desks for colored pencils or a regular pencil etc.. I then had a can by the sharpener with sharpened pencils in case someone needed one during the day. THey would go over and take one and put their broken one in the can. Yes, I did have some take a good pencil and not return one to the can, but I'd just ask for volunteers to donate to the can and we always had plenty. I also would let me star of the week sharpen all the dull pencils in the can at the end of the day on my electric sharpener. This system is the best I've ever used. Let me know if you need more info.


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