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    Re: Disruptive Parent
    By Tricia M.

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    First of all, that parent is breaking a major safety rule that many School Districts have in place. I have never heard of a school letting a parent just sign in and then proceed to the classroom on their own. The schools that I have worked at make the parents wait in the Front Lobby area until the student comes up there. Just letting a parent walk around on the school campus can cause all kinds of problems. If, for instance, your school should happen to go into a lock down drill or have a fire drill, who is responsible for that parent who is wandering around?
    In regards to being in contact with the students on the playground, your Administration needs to take a stand about this. While school may be out, you are still responsible for the well-being of these students. Maybe you should remind the Administrators about the never talk to strangers policy and that it would be much easier to enforce if he wasn't even allowed to interact with these students.
    Also, many teacher's unions have in place the clause that parents are not allowed to be in physical contact with teachers during the school day without prior notification to the teacher. This would definately eliminate the parent from interrupting the classroom learning process. For the safety of both the students and yourself, you need to put your foot down and take a stand!

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