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    human body is great!
    By Chrisie

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    I teach fifth, but I am sure the concepts are the same. There are so many human body resources out there, this is the best unit to teach because you can make it hands on. Have the kids look at cells under microscopes... cheek cell is an animal cell and a plant cell from an onion...they can see the parts of a cell, if there is the highest magnification possible... then you can go on from there. I always start with bones and muscles, then to circulatory, respiratory and finally digestive. We don't teach nervous system.... Have them make a skeleton with fasteners and paper models of bones... have them look at x rays and determine where a broken bone is, how it could be fixed. We dissect a chicken leg from the grocery store, a leg quarter to be exact. They love looking at the tendons, ligaments, muscles or meat.... there is so much inquiry there. With circulatory we do heart rate activities, and coloring to see the way the blood travels to the heart and then to the lungs and back... With respiratory, we make models of the human lung with balloons, a 2 liter soda bottle and a straw as the trachea.. you can do so much.. I am going on too long, but have more ideas.... email me if you would like some more... CHRIS

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