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    map skills
    By Sue W

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    "Map Analysis" was a an activity that worked really well with third graders. During the map study unit I had kids bring in maps they found; road maps, grocery store product directories, amusement park maps. We got some unusual ones as well,a lake bottom map from a junior fisherman, a map showing airports from a pilot's son.
    At the end of the unit the kids were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and rotated around the room to study the different maps. I gave them a Map Analysis sheet with things to look for together.
    What is the name of your map?
    Who would use this map and for what reason?
    Does you map have a map key?
    Is there a compass rose?
    What is the scale of your map?
    Does your map show cities, roads and water?

    I think I enjoyed this activity as much as the kids did, and if you could use a smile, check out the "Why would it be used/" question, there's bound to be a chuckle or two.

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