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    end of year ideas
    By Lisa

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    Some of the things I'll be doing in the next 2 (long, agonizing) weeks are:
    *Make a 4th grade memory book...use 8 1/2 sheets of paper that say "I remember" and a couple at the back of the book for autographs. I use the class picture as a cover (photocopied). Kids brainstorm in groups the things they remember most about the year, then write their own memory book about their most vivid memories. We have an autograph session on Friday.
    * Write a letter to next year's teacher introducing themselves.
    *Write a letter to next year's students telling what they need to know to be successful in my classroom.
    *The "Soup" books (by Robert Newton Peck) are hilarious read alouds, just crazy enough for the end of the year (and fairly quick reads, too).
    *Play Math Basketball to review the year's curriculum. Use a nerf or tennis ball and 2-4 teams. Ask a question and whoever answers it first (orally or on slates--I've done both) gets to take a shot at the "basket" (trash can). I do 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 point shots by marking tape lines on the floor.
    *Let the kids do your cleanup/organizing work! They love to take down bulletin boards, clean counters and cupboards, and all that other tedious end of the year stuff we do. Organize them into groups and give them a responsibility. Mine love it!

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