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    I found a great tip on proteacher. Using the mouth as a visual learning tool, demo this by saying, "When you say l-a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e, notice how your mouth opens out at the sides. Think of this as opening 'east and west' (horizontally like the 'equator')." Now say, when you say
    'l-o-n-g-i-t-u-d-e', notice how your mouth opens up and down (vertically like the prime meridian).

    Another activity my students really liked was "orange with an attitude".
    *Have students in partners.
    *While one student holds an orange on the top center and bottom center, you tell the other student to use a pencil to draw a line around the orange in the middle (half way from the top center and the bottom center).
    *This line represents the equator at '0 lattitude'.
    *Now have the student draw another line above the equator half way from the top center and the equator.
    *This line represents 'The Tropic of Cancer'. *Next have the students draw a line on the bottom half, in the middle.
    *This line represents 'The Tropic of Capricorn'.

    *I borrow as many globes for this activity so each pair will have a globe to look at.
    *Then, have the students peel the orange.
    *Tell the students, "If lattitude lines run east and west around the globe, then what lines run the opposite?".
    *Notice how the orange segment lines look compared to the lines on the globe. These lines that run 'north and south' are called (longitude).
    *My students enjoyed this activity and were great about cleaning up afterwards.
    *Then, I handed out paper with a predrawn circle with a word bank list of words we just discussed, and have the students label the lattitude lines and longitude lines.

    ***We also do a research report activity as to where and how these words came from. Social Studies is great fun!

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