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    first time with kinders
    By carlie

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    Hi Sherrie,
    I have taught first grade and kinder for a while now. It is difficult to give advice on goals for these students because kinder expectations vary so much from place to place. (Where I teach 90% of my kindergartners left reading this year with an average of 50 sight words, writing 4-6 sentence paragraphs, etc...)
    I would start with keeping your expectations very high and helping them rise to that challenge. The thing I would focus on above all things is ensuring they know the sounds of all the letters. (and not just one sound -- ie. they need to know that s can also sound like z when they say it in some words.)
    When I teach small group summer school, I assess each child on sight words at the beginning of the week and then make them individual word bags. Each child's bag has some words he/she knows already and 5-10 more to learn that week. I add some incentive for them if they can read them to me at the end of the week. They take them home each night and beg people to help them read them.
    Your lower second grader probably needs some help with basic reading strategies for unknown words. (Let me know if you'd like a list of those & I would be happy to email you one I use with my kiddos.)
    Anyway... there's way too much that I could say & I don't want to ramble. Please feel free to email if you have more specific questions & I will be glad to help you any way I can.

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