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    A.R. opoly
    By Brooke

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    I had a brainstorm the other day and thought of a neat idea for motivating students to read AR books and take tests. I was thinking of making a gameboard similar to the homeworkoply gameboard and call it ARopoly instead. The students would get to roll the dice each time they read and took a test on an AR book. I think this would really motivate the students to read. I actually made my board for the game the other day and it looks pretty good. Go to the website listed above and look at the Homeworkopoly game for an idea what it looks like. I haven't actually filled in each of the spaces on the board yet, but I was planning to make a "GO" space and let the students collect 5 dolphin dollars when they pass go,in the next corner it will say "Catch a ride on the school bus" (instead of go to jail), the students would then go to the corner square diagonally across the board, it would be the school bus( they would pick a mystery prize), in the other corner they would receive 5 minutes computer time while other students were working. I will also put other various rewards around in different squares on the gameboard. My mom had an idea of using names of books instead of street names on each space, so I may do that. I've never done this before so I don't know how well it will work but I think it will motivate the students. I think this post may be really confusing but if you don't understand just ask. How to the website above and it explains homeworkopoly really well and then you can probably think of ideas from that. If you think of any let me know.

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