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    By tia

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    I send a parent survey out about a week before school lets out--i send it with an envelope and encourage them to be anonymous if they wish. (i can usually tell who wrote it by their reference to their children, and they usually sign it anyway), but i think allowing them to be anonymous helps with getting honest answers. i also give a treat to students who return theirs. make sure to not ask questions that you don't really want the answers to. it takes guts to ask parents about your performance. if you don't plan on changing what you do, you might also not ask for their opinions on a particular topic. i usually take what they say with a grain of salt--you can tell who is blowing off steam and whose constructive criticism you seriously need to take a look at.

    my survey has been copied below (we departmentalize in the 6th grade at my school).

    May 2002

    Dear Parents,

    I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer some questions about your child's year in my classroom. This will help me evaluate some of my programs and plans for next year. You may remain anonymous or leave your name if you wish.

    Thank you,

    1. What is your overall feeling about your child's year?

    2. How did I do communicating with you?

    3. What did I do that you liked?

    4. What did I do that you didn't like?

    5. What do you wish I had done this year?

    6. How did you feel about our class "switching" this year?

    Please comment on any of these items that you feel are worthy of comment:


    Progress reports/class newsletters:

    Parent meeting (Back to School Night) at start of school:

    Open House in the spring:


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