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    By Sari

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    I used to play Vocabulary Baseball with my students. Divide the class into two teams. Call a batter from one team and a catcher from the other. You "pitch" a word, and the batter spells it. (This can be done orally or on the board.) If the batter makes a mistake, the catcher gets a chance to get the batter "out." You can vary the rules depending on the age of your students and the amount of time you have.

    A variation of the game involves other skills, as well. For example, spelling correctly could be a single, spelling and defining a double, sp., def., and giving part of speech a triple, and all three plus using in a sentence a home run.

    I had middle school students, and they seemed to enjoy the game. You can even play just a few minutes a day and add up points ("hits" and "runs")throughout the week. The points that a team earns are given as extra credit to each member of the team. This way both teams can earn some points instead of having a winning team and a losing team.

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