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    By Kimberly

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    If you don't want to read a book, you could play a game. I used to play a "Follow Me" game where I make motions with my hands and the kids copy me. After a few minutes I pick someone who is doing it well and it goes on from there. The kids love it...they are quiet, and attentive!

    As far as the announcement goes, tell the kids what you are going to play or do during dismissal. Tell them you expect them to "sneak" to the door unheard by others. Show them how. Make a big deal. Only those who "sneak" get a sticker. Don't leave until you get your sticker. That way, you have control over the line. I'm sure the kids need to get to the cafeteria quickly, but that is your "power" over them. If they don't behave, they might have to stay late (30 seconds) to get a note to take home and get signed by a parent. You sure would hate it if they missed the bus and their parents had to leave work to come pick them up because they couldn't follow the rules!

    If they don't follow the rules, they have to stay for a "I didn't follow the dismissal rules today" note to go home. Have some pre-made notes stating what is expected during dismissal and that this child did not follow the rules. In the note, ask the parent to go over these dismissal rules to help this time of day be a more safe and orderly period.

    You are always going to have those few who want to rebel. I suggest giving them a special job to keep them busy. That child could organize your bookshelf or clean your chalkboard or stack papers neatly. As long as that child walks when the bus is called, he will continue to be your special helper.

    I hopw some of these ideas helped. Dismissal is always a crazy time. I have to walk 50 kids across the building to the gym for dismissal and we pass the principal who expects quiet. Believe it or not, I get it. As long as the kids know they can talk when they get to the gym and that we are going to stop every time I hear sound...they stay quiet(relatively).

    Good luck! I'd love to know how it goes!

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