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    Chatty (sp?) students
    By Ingrid

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    Admittedly, I now teach primary kids, but I did substitute a number of years with your childrens' age group. What seemed to work fairly well for me was to realize that they also felt the need either to contribute to the group or among themselves. As an example, if I had a thirty minute session, I would contract with them that I could speak for 10 minutes, they had five minutes, I then had the next 10 minutes and they had the final 5. What seemed to work with this system, was not so much that they had to listen to me, but they began to realize how annoying it was, when they had their 5 minutes, and not everyone was listening or respecting their right to speak. It may take a while, and maybe it is too late in the year to see much progress with this system, but it is worth a try.

    As a substitute, I was inundated with instructions from the teacher, the administration and well meaning co-workers. I became frustrated that no one was listening to me. I realized that in the busy lives our kids lead, they are told what to do by parents, teachers, coaches, tutors, etc.

    If they are in a situation, where they change classes every 30 to 50 minutes, and all of us expect undivided attention, that adds up.

    Don't try and keep me quiet for 5 hours.

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