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    Can't they get along?
    By Ingrid

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    Susan's answer was good. However, that only works for kids who feel they can write. When I have a situation like this, what I found that really works for those non writers, is to tell them that they need to go to a space where they can talk privately. ( I try to be within earshot, but only because I enjoy their conversation so much.) My only rule for them is that they can come to some agreement to work as friends and tell me that is what they did. Don't want to know the essence of the conversation. Will not even listen to it. They do not need to tell me on what they agreed. Often, they only agree to "fool" me, pretend that they are friends. What is amazing, is that they now have a pact, and go off, knowing they "put one over on the teacher."

    I know better, and I'm o.k. with that.

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