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    boy, can I relate!
    By Susan S.

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    This is so familiar to me! Thankfully I have a wonderful administration that supports the teachers tremendously! I teach 5th grade. I have parents that want me to give them extra credit work because "if they get a C they won't be allowed to play baseball". So?! Do I really care if they play sports? That's the parents rules, not mine. If the child wanted a B then they should've turned in all their assignments. I haven't relented on anything, and surprisingly, the child has become productive when the parent couldn't talk their way into me changing my guidelines. I also only give a 70 if a child turns in late work. Either they turn it in on time, or they get a late grade. Period. Amazingly, they turn work in on-time! We're teaching them responsiblity that rolls over into the future work field. That's what's wrong with employees today - they think it's okay to come to work, but not really "work". When my students complain about "having to work" in class, I remind them that we're here to learn and they play at home. Period. You have to stand firm and let them whine behind your back. I gave up trying to be "popular" with anyone. But you know what? The kids love me! They're proud of their grades when they do well because they know they honestly earned them - and I think the parents are happy, also - they just wouldn't admit it.

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