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    I'm in Alabama. -- Very Long
    By Kasi

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    I'm not teaching yet (still in college), but Alabama is facing MAJOR cuts. There are a lot of nice school districts here, and great benefits throughout the state, but last year and this year, there have been major cuts. There are some very nice school districts in Huntsville/Madison area and outside of Birmingham (Homewood, Vestavia). I'm sure not all areas are having to cut as much as where I'm's a small rural, county system. Most of the funding comes from state, and they are having to cut 56 teaching units plus all aides. You might want to go to the AL State Department website though, I'm sure that not all districts are as financially off as this one. I know this doesn't sound very encouraging...sorry I figured you would want the truth. If you are living in North Mississippi, the closest for you would probably be the Florence/Shoals area...but a college with an awesome teacher ed. program (where I go, so I'm a little is located there and there's kind of an overflow of teachers.

    However, in two years, it will be the end mark for a state 3-year drop plan for retirement (something close-to-retiring teachers had to sign up for last year where they got some kind of incentive for retiring then) and a pretty good bit of teachers should be retiring then...which is only a little bit after I will be, I'm hopeful!

    If you don't mind teaching at a private, Christian school, you might want to check into Mars Hill Bible School in Florence...I don't think they have benefits, but I hear it's a good school to work for.

    Like I said, I'm sorry this all sounds so dismal, but I would want to hear it if I were you, instead of thinking everything was just great. Where are you going to be moving? I live in North Central AL. If you have any more questions that I might can help you with, e-mail me

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