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    water cycle poem
    By Kelly

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    Here is a poem that I turned into a song and my kids loved it. I don't remember where I got it though.

    The Water Cycle
    The heat from the sun (arms in big circle over head)
    Shines down on the lake (bend knees and use flat palms to push downward)
    And causes some water to evaporate (stand back up again, rolling your shoulders one at a time)
    Evaporated water rises up to the sky (raise hands with fingers pointed up and wiggling)
    And changes into clouds that we see passing by (make a big circle with your arms again like you did for the sun)
    Along comes a wind (blow)
    And blows them around (sway back and forth - arms are still making a cloud)
    And thatís what makes the rain that falls to the ground (bend knees, fingers pointing up and wiggling as you go lower)

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