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    Estimation and Patterning 2nd Grade
    By Sandy

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    Estimation--Every ten days, we have "Pocket Day" in my classroom...we've done it since the beginning of the year, but you could introduce it at any time. I put out a tub of unifix cubes and a clear gallon jar in the morning...the kids will come up and put as many unifix cubes in the jar as they have pockets that day. Then, during math, we estimate how many cubes are in the jar, and we fill in a chart that lists number of pockets and how many had that number...

    0 pockets 4kids 0 pockets total
    1 pocket 2kids 2 pockets total
    2 pockets 5 kids 10 pockets total

    We go up to 15 pockets, then we work on our total number of pockets. Choose one kids to count the unifix cubes, while the rest add the totals together to find your grand total. Let a few kids share what they think the grand total is, then you solve it by modeling adding tens, ones, etc...and check against the unifix cubes. My kids love doing this activity and it keeps them very involved!

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