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    By Jules

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    I have looped with my class from 4th to 5th, then 5th to 6th, then 6th to 7th, and finally next year will be 7th to 8th. I really enjoyed every year of it. It has brought the kids very close. They really rely and protect each other. We have become a family. As for their education, it could not have been any better. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I would do it again. I have seen a great amount of growth in each student and I have been able to help them excel each year without wasting any time. They really want to learn and don't want to waste time. They realize that they are learning so much because you could always refer to the past year or years. I truly enjoyed 4th to 5th the most because it was still self contained. In the middle school, I only have them for LA. All of the reasons you have heard are true in regards to it being positive. As for the negative, my class welcomed two new kids and were excited to include them in their special "family". Go for it. Take the opportunity to have experienced it. Just think, if there is something you can't get to in fourth grade, teach it in fifth. I loved looping and would do it all over again!!!!Goodluck!!!

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