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    Stinky clothes
    By Emma

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    I teach a preschool multi-handicapped class and we have many daily accidents. We bag up the clothes and send them home and clean the clild as best as we can. We have spare clothing for this purpose so that is not an issue. I had a mother complain to me about a similar incident and my supervisor told her that we'd gladly call her next time so that she can come in to school and spend the needed time rinsing her child's clothing out in the toilet. He went through the time, staffing and risk of spreading bacteria with her and asked her if she wanted her child's clothing being washed in a washer that other children's messy clothes were washed in as well. She backed down. I agree with you, we do quite enough with bathrooming, we shouldn't be asked to do laundry as well. Let them hire an aide to go with that new washing machine so that she can do everybody's laundry.

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