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    I have an AAC User
    By Pam

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    I have an AAC user in kindergarten. Right now she is not fully included, but in the past I did run into another AAC user who was fully included up until high school. He had very supportive parents and a 1:1 aide. He used facilitative communication and I really have to be honest I did not get the results mom or the aide did, however I was never going to tell them either. It is very difficult to keep up with making the boards for the tech speak we use for the little girl I currently have, I get minimal help from my speech therapist or IU specialists, the district doesn't like to pay for IU services, and have been really getting a lot of information from the internet. I did get 3 books called hands on reading which really helped and after making up a few overheads using their ideas it really made it easier, plus I trained one of my aides in how to use board maker. I printed out a blank board and I will write out what I want my aide to make on the board this has worked well. I really wish if there were any trainings out there or more workshop opportunities for these types of devices it would really help - although this is only my second child in 11 years of teaching that I have come across, however I will have her for the next 3 years so any information that is out there would be of great help.

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