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    i have the same problem
    By b

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    you sound so much like me! i've gone thru about 4 interviews in the district i am doing a maternity leave for. and each time, i ahve not received a permanent position. thye all have said, you would have been the next one to get it...yeah right.

    anyways, i think my interviewing skills are terrible so what i've been doing, is applying for summer jobs and have been "practicing"with their interviews. many of hte jobs i don't even want, but i want the practice of interviewing. and i have to say, it's going much better. i've had 3 summer job interviews and then last week i had a teaching interview. this was probably the best interivew i've given. so maybe it's just a practice thing. i know it's probably not fair to the summer companies because i'm really just using them...but it's working.

    i also bring a portfolio with me and NOT ONCE has anyone ever looked at it. i don't want to bring it with me anymore, but i know the day i dont' ahve it, they'll ask for it. i also now bring something a little mroe creative. for example, a brochure of myself, a folder with my resume printed on it, and a mini-portfolio. i bring atleast 5, enough for a hiring committee. they seem to look at these more in the interviews than looking at my portfolio. so maybe try that...

    other than that, good luck to you. i'm panicked about a job for next year. i have so many college loans to pay, apt. bills, and my car is falling apart as i write this....good luck with everything!

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