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    By Cathy

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    I just had my students complete prepositional poems in small groups. Here is the one I used for an example:

    At the Beach

    at the beach
    amid many sunbathers
    on my blanket
    with my book
    in the beautiful sunshine

    is my favorite place to relax!

    I had the kids work in groups of 4 or 5. They had to choose a topic and then each had to write a prepositional phrase then pass the paper along to the next student. After I edited these, I gave them chart paper and markers. They had to copy the poem onto the chart paper and illustrate it. They did a beautiful job on these! My favorite was from a BOY who did his own for extra credit:

    At the Mall

    at the mall
    with my mom
    near the dressing room
    in the ladies clothing department
    around the perfume and jewelry

    is the WORST place for me to be!!

    I cracked up! So did his classmates when he read it. At first they didn't realize the slant he had taken and actually thought . . . What a funny kid he is!

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