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    Butterfly unit
    By Danyelle

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    Hi- I tried to find my list of resources & couldn't find it. But here is the list of activities.
    Butterfly Thematic Unit Ů Grades Pre-k to 2nd Grade


    Reading/Language Arts
    Prediction chart
    Share the story
    Paired readings
    Story tell with props or flannel board pieces
    Children sequence and retell using flannel board
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar sequence cards
    Tongue tied- letter game
    Flannel board find- make flowers labeled with letters and hide a butterfly behind one. Let the children guess where the butterfly is.
    Poems- Soon YouŪll Be A Butterfly
    The Caterpillar by Marc Brown
    Fruit in the fridge by Valerie Schiffer Danoff
    Finger flutters
    Emerging butterflies
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar by Cele McCloskey & Brenda Peters
    Once I Saw a Butterfly by Diana Shepherd
    Pictorial story map
    Language development word cards
    Retell using a sock puppet
    Word caterpillar- vocabulary development
    Hungry caterpillar sock book
    Touch reading and word matching
    Crunchy carrot caterpillar sequence books
    Butterfly snack recipe cards to sequence and read

    Caterpillar alphabet
    Butterflies÷ A-Z
    Winged surprises, upper & lowercase letters
    Butterflies and me- make and take comparison books
    He ate through÷ students complete the sentence
    Caterpillar shape books- students write their own version
    Make refrigerator flip-books
    Predictable writing chart for food, I like to eat÷
    Predictable writing chart for at the grocery store, We saw
    Sentence builders, using predictable writing sentences
    Make class big book of favorite foods


    Caterpillar number puzzle
    Copycat butterflies
    Calendar- Make and take menu
    Match the numbers and fruits, comprehension sheet
    Fruit in the fridge: Exploring number relationships- math pocket chart poem
    Fruit fractions
    Grocery/ fruit stand shopping
    Very hungry caterpillar subtraction
    Edible addition
    Copy my number using fruit (sets)
    Counting by ones- making bead caterpillars
    Fruit patterns
    Classifying tastes
    A bead a day calendar activity to represent the growing caterpillar
    Paper shapes beautiful butterfly
    Paper shapes caterpillar cutie
    Graph the foods in the story
    Graph the childrenŪs favorite foods
    Caterpillar measuring
    Make caterpillars and butterflies using manipulatives

    Butterfly life cycle
    Touch and taste chart
    Creepy crawlers- Look at real pictures of caterpillars and count body segments
    From egg to butterfly- pop up life cycle cards
    Compare an apple to an orange
    Paired pears- predict then, match the whole fruit to the picture of the cross section
    Compare and contrast baby to adult insects
    Compare and contrast moths to butterflies
    Butterfly bracelets- life cycle
    Watch and wonder- have a real butterfly garden in the classroom
    Identify different types of butterflies

    Physical Education
    Metamorphosis movement- let the children imitate the movements
    Butterfly dance- using tissue paper butterflies, students move to music
    Fancy footwork- children form a caterpillar and do a caterpillar walk
    Hide and seek eggs- students ask wh- questions and answer using position words
    Parachute play- put butterflies on the parachute and help them fly

    žDo You Like FruitÓ- Songs About Me by William C. Janiak, Kimbo Educational Records
    ž Do You Like DessertsÓ- More Songs About Me by William C. Janiak, Kimbo Educational Records
    ž The Corner Grocery StoreÓ- The Corner Grocery Store by Raffi, Troubadour Records
    the emerging butterflies- make butterflies and leard a song
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar fingerplay
    Finger Flutters, butterfly fingerplay

    Butterfly hand art
    Delicate wings- tissue paper butterflies
    Butterfly garden- flowers and butterflies
    Egg carton caterpillars
    Sandwich bag butterflies
    Thumbprint caterpillars
    Caterpillar art- one side is a caterpillar and the other is a butterfly
    Butterfly cut and paste
    Fruit printing on paper or to make printed kitchen towels
    Paper shapes beautiful butterfly
    Paper shapes caterpillar cutie
    Dot art butterfly
    Tactile collage
    Pringle can caterpillars

    Social Studies/ Social Skills
    Field trip to the grocery store
    People change- talk about family & friends of different ages
    Students bring in baby photos and talk about how they have grown
    Picture sort of babies, children & grown ups
    Caterpillar concentration
    Butterfly bingo
    The very hungry caterpillar game
    Fruity feelings- feel and guess boxes

    Fruit roll-up butterflies
    Fruit salad
    Crunchy carrot caterpillars
    Butterfly snack mix

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