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    another idea
    By Karla

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    I have my fifth graders make Mother's Day bags. I normally use colored paper bags from a party store, but you could also use plain brown bags. Those might be easier if you want the kids to decorate them. The party store bags have a slick surface, and markers and such smear. Anyway...

    Inside each bag put a slip of paper that says:

    Mounds.....for the "mounds" of stuff you do. (miniature Mounds candy bar) color your day happy
    Band-aid....for the rough times
    lifesaver....for one of those days make everything worthwhile
    (Hershey's hug candy) remind you that you are worth a "mint" to me
    plastic cut out all of life's daily problems
    paper clip.....for keeping it all together
    birthday candle...because you light up my life
    cotton ball......for that warm fuzzy feeling
    cider add some "spice" to your life.

    Then I have the kids write something special on the bottom of the paper and sign their name. You might not want to have the knife it there-I just buy the cheap ones that aren't sturdy. I guess it would depend on your group of kids. Someone reading this will probably go "Knife! Oh my gosh!!!!" Maybe something could be substituted, or leave that out. I purchased a box of individual cider mix packages (like cocoa) at Sam's Club one year, but I think "Swiss Miss" makes one that you could find in a typical grocery store. I also printed out colored copies of the list so all the kids had to do was write on the botton and put it in their bag.

    There isn't much for this activity that the kids have to do, just put the things in the bag and do a little writing, plus decorate the bag. The moms loved it and it doesn't cost too much, especially if you eliminate one or more the items.

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