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    But . . .
    By Only Human

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    Let's face it, being in the teaching profession does require us to be able to and to follow through with be able to look into the "why's" of student behavior. HOWEVER, let's NOT look at this, just for a momemt, from the viewpoint of be a professional, a teacher. Let's look at it from the viewpoint of being someone on in this field . . . just an adult and just some child...not a teacher and a student. Now, as I see it, from the viewpoint of adult/child, there ARE some children who are simply unlikeable, just as there are some adults who are simply unlikeable. Children don't have to have "issues" that make them this way, it's simply their "make-up." Remember, Nurture vs. Nature, sometimes no matter what ANYONE does, the blueprint for who we are is already in place. Children don't have to like certain other children or certain adults just as adults don't have to like certain other adults or certain children.
    THIS IS NOT BEING WRITTEN TO STIR UP ANY ARGUMENTS. THIS IS NOT BEING WRITTEN TO OPPOSE ANYONE'S VIEWPOINT. No one is completely correct or completely incorrect in what they feel or think.

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