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    By tia

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    that last comment smarted. i've seen some kids come through my school that i wondered if anyone at home did love. there has not been one student that i've had that i haven't cared for. i try to separate the child from his/her actions. i may not like what a child does, but i do like the child.

    i think if you decide that you don't like a child, the child will recognize this. and this certainly won't make him/her behave any better. i've seen this happen where it just continues to snowball out of control and teacher and student (and others who have to hear about it all) have a miserable year.

    what about getting to know these children on a more personal level? what does s/he do well? good artist? caring for animals/plants? organize? give these children jobs and responsibilities in the classroom--doesn't have to be a lot of responsibility or even an important job--date writer on the board? turner on of computers in the AM?

    ask these children about their hobbies--find out about the last movie they went to, or what they're looking forward to this summer. give these children a reason to enjoy school--you may be the first teacher to do this.

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