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    I am so sorry...
    By Jessie

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    I am so sorry you're having so many problems with your students, and right in the middle of being pregnant, which is hard enough (congrats by the way!). I am pregnant now too, and its like everything just wears you out, and it seems like the kids are always at their worst when you're not feeling your best.

    I have two chatty boys. One thing that worked for me was giving the kids a rating throughout the day (teach two grades, so I had a rating for each grade. Plus I have two VERY small class sizes, so this is why this worked. If your class is very large, this might not work). Their rating went on a scale from 0-10, ten being the best. If they started chatting, the rating slipped. If they had a 9 or above at the end of the day, they got a sticker on a chart. After 10 days they could get treat out of the treat jar, if they got all their ratings everyday.

    I think if one kid is acting up, and the rating slips, it affects them all and peer pressure starts to work so they all behave.

    I hope it gets better for you and that other teachers post with more ideas.

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